ATS is an apostolic mission. In March of 2003 the Lord instructed our Senior Leadership Team and Core Faculty to build a leadership training engine and raise-up a new generation of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers for an apostolic reformation of His Church and to serve His Kingdom purpose in the 21st Century. Because of our unique apostolic mandate from the Lord, our degree programs and courses are offered for an affordable tuition to anyone desiring to prepare for fivefold ministry or to serve Christ's Kingdom in the 21st century world.

Tuition Costs Per Unit:

Master's Degree tuition is $75 per course for the first year and $100 per course for the second year for the first 100 students enrolled starting with the Fall 2013 semester.

Doctoral Degree tuition is $150 per course for the first 50 students enrolled starting with the Fall 2013 semester.

An interest-free financing is currently available to all students ($50 per month with a $25 yearly administrative fee for outstanding balances).

Additional Costs:

Registration Fee: A$25.00 registration fee is required of all students wishing to receive course credit towards one of our ATS degrees or to audit a course. This fee must be paid before a student may enroll in any of our courses. The registration fee should be paid online at the time of filling out an application for admission.

Graduation Fee: A $100.00 graduation fee must be paid before graduation.

Life learning Survey: A Life Learning Survey is available for students desiring to receive credit toward their degree program for life learning, work experience, or outstanding achievement. There is a $150.00 fee for this evaluation. (A Life Learning Survey may save a student hundreds of dollars towards the cost of a degree. See the special section on the Life Learning Survey below.)

We expect students to be honorable in their intention to pay. Cash presented to the Registrar in person, personal checks received by the home office in Jacksonville and PayPal on-line are appropriate means of payment. Bad check charges plus $10 (our inconvenience) will be added to balance due.

(Contact the office of the Dean of Admissions at or 904-771-5375 for questions about degree applications, course enrollment, tuition, and no-interest financing.)


Financial policies are reviewed annually and subject to change by the senior leadership team and faculty of ATS.

Never Too Late To Enroll

With our open enrollment, it's never too late to enroll. ATS does not use either semester or quarter systems for our online courses or degree programs. Because our courses are archived online they are available to students as long as a faculty overseer is available to direct coursework, evaluate student assignments and interact with students via our chat rooms or forums. (See Currently Offered Courses on the left hand margin of the Areas of Study page for courses currently available.)

ATS Degree Programs

Master's Degree in Apostolic and Prophetic Studies: 62 credit hours

Doctoral Degree In Apostolic and Prophetic Studies: 30 credit hours

Enrollment in a Degree Program

Students wishing to enroll in an ATS degree program must complete an enrollment application and pay the one-time $25.00 enrollment fee online. All degree applications will then be carefully evaluated by the Dean of Admissions in consultation with the Academic Dean, qualifying students will be admitted to the appropriate degree program and contacted by the Office of Admissions to discuss payment options, the availability of scholarships, course enrollment, and reception of ATS Course Keys allowing access to our Online Learning Center.

(To discuss no-interest payments, please contact the Office of Admissions at or 904-771-5375.)

(To communicate directly with the ATS Academic Dean to discuss your previous academic work, present academic standing, or the feasibility of a Life Learning Survey, you may contact Dr. Marie Howard by e-mail at

You may also write to the Dean of Admissions or our Academic Dean in care of: The Apostles Theological Seminary, 3131 Isser lane, Jacksonville, Florida 32255.)


Life-Learning and Accomplishments Evaluation

Students enrolling in a degree program are encouraged to consider a Life-Learning/Accomplishments Evaluation as a way to receive credit for prior academic work and achievement, as well as, life and leadership experience, and ministry accomplishments.

The typical ATS student is seasoned and experienced both in life and ministry with years of not only academic, but also ministerial training and experience. Recognizing the value of life and ministry experience and accomplishments, we are prepared to award credit toward an ATS degree for relevant experience.However the process is thorough and carefully considers each applicant's educational, vocational, and ministry accomplishments.

There is no limit to the number of credits that may be awarded and there is no charge to the student for credit awarded. The Life-Learning/Accomplishments Evaluation has the potential of promoting the student into advanced-placement in a degree program and saving the student much time and effort. In some cases the faculty evaluation committee may even recommend placing a student into an advanced degree program based on the evaluation. The non-refundable $150 Life-Learning/Accomplishments Evaluation fee helps qualified students accelerate and elevate their ATS educational experience and can be paid using this form.

If you have questions about pursuing a life learning evaluation you may contact the Dean of Admissions at or 904-771-5375.

Requirements For Admission or Enrollment In ATS Degree or Course

1. All students must first register online and pay the $25.00 registration fee. This fee is non-refundable. (The ATS Application is at the bottom of this page.)

2. Students who apply will be contacted by our Office of Admissions to discuss degree requirements, current course availability, tuition and payment programs.

3. Upon payment of tuition or making appropriate financial arrangements, ATS students are given a user name and password, as well as, a course key or keys that are required to access the ATS Online Learning Center.

4. Once students have been enrolled in a degree program or specific course and have received a course key, they may access the Online Learning Center.

The student login is located on the left-hand margin of each page of the ATS website.

Prospective students may contact the Office of Admissions at or 904-771-5375 regarding questions concerning ATS degree programs, course availability, tuition, scholarships, and interest-free payment programs.


Purchase of Textbooks

Teacher's notes are included in the student's tuition, and where possible, PDF files of supplemental texts or additional resource material are also made available for student download without charge.

Students are encouraged to purchasetextbooks or recommended text materials not available in PDF formats from the ATS bookstore.


Upon admission to ATS, a transcript is created for each student. Up to three transcripts are available to the student without charge. Additional transcripts may be ordered for $12 each.


Partnering Churches, Networks, Patrons, and Benefactors

As mentioned above ATS is an apostolic mission! In keeping with our God given mandate to raise a new generation of ministers and Kingdom leaders to reform Christ's Church and establish Kingdom Civilization in every city and nation throughout the earth all of our courses and degree programs are offered at affordable prices. However, many of our students are apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers who are actively involved in ministry and the work of the Kingdom in cities throughout Africa and India. To help those needing help scholarships and interest-free financing and easy payment plans are also available.

Our ability to to do this is dependent upon the Lord and the generosity of our dedicated faculty, as well as, the support and partnership of mission-minded pastors and churches, patrons, and benefactors who have a passion to see the Lord's Church reformed and His Kingdom established throughout the earth. If you are the senior pastor of a local church, the head of a network of churches or an individual patron or benefactor and interested in partnering with ATS in fulfilling our global mission to raise up a new generation of ministers and Kingdom leaders for the 21st Century, please contact the Chancellor by e-mail at or call Dr. George E. Kouri at 405-831-5103.

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