The 21st Century will be an Apostolic Century. But this will not happen without a true Apostolic reformation. This course deals with what God is doing to restore the revelation of Christ and His Kingdom Jesus entrusted to the original apostles and the restoration of the fellowship of the apostles. It deals with exactly what it is going to take for an Apostolic reformation. It is a study of what God is doing today to revive his work, restore the Kingdom foundations of his House and reform Christ's Church, so that the Church may function as one Holy Apostolic Church in the earth, possess cities and nations and fill all things with the glory of God.
How Apostles and Prophets are the Foundation of the One Church Jesus is Building, Jesus Himself Being the Chief Cornerstone (the Head Apostle and Prophet).
A directed text-book study of Watchman Nee's insightful book, Spiritual Authority and self-directed study of other authority issues.
This course will challenge the student to develop a spiritual life that empowers ministry for a lifetime. Through the readings, writings, and other projects and exercises, the student will discover how to integrate spiritual life with ministry, often referred to as ministering out of the overflow.
A study of the nature and importance of dreams and visions and principles for interpreting them.
This is a course on discipleship, specifically “how to disciple sons for God.” Apostle Atkin says in his book, “Fathering is a lost art in our society today. It’s time to turn that around!” The student will learn the biblical principles of fathering and mentoring others, and how to partner with God “in bringing many sons to glory.”
This course is a special study of the calling and work of apostles and apostolic companies as established and demonstrated by Jesus the Christ, the Chief Apostle and the twelve who trained and served together with Him as members of His apostolic company, by Peter and the eleven apostles of the Lamb, and last but not least by Paul, the arch-type of all ascension-gift apostles, and his company as recorded in the Canon of the New Testament.

Careful attention will be given to Scriptural definitions, Kingdom mandates and requirements, apostolic models and strategies, and an evaluation of the work of apostolic ministry over the last 2000 years with special application to the current apostolic movement.

The goal of this course is to understand the work of apostles and apostolic companies for the 21st Century.

A study of three of the great reformations of Old Covenant Israel, as Joshua replaces Moses, David replaces Saul, and Ezra and Nehemiah leave Babylon and rebuild the Temple and the City of Jerusalem. AM350 will focus on the prophetic significance and the strategies of these reformations for the Apostolic Reformation today.
This is a critical and important study of the Imprecatory Psalms as understood and used by Jesus and the Apostles of the first century to release God's supernatural power and righteous judgments into the earth. This course deals with the Kingdom or governmental prayers of the Church exemplified in the instruction of Jesus, to His disciples, "command this mountain, be thou removed and be thou cast into the sea...." Required Materials: Professor’s Printed Notes, CD’s from teacher's seminar in South Africa, and the textbook, War Psalms Of The Prince Of Peace by James E. Adams