The Canon of Holy Scripture is an introductory study of the formation of the canon, the spiritual authority of the Scriptures, and principles for interpreting them.

The Canon of Scripture, known today as the Holy Bible, is the basis of Christian faith and practice. It is important that all Christians understand the Divine inspiration, formulation, and authority of the Scriptures as the Word of God as well as the proper method of its interpretation.

Topics of study included in this course are; The Importance of Early Manuscripts, The History of the English Bible, and the Importance of the Original Languages.

Rev. Joe McIntyre takes you through the first 8 chapters of Romans, discovering its significance then and now for the Body of Christ.

A study of Luke's dynamic account of the first apostolic mission, the Jewish mission, to gather the remnant of Israel and the first-fruits of the nations and reform them into the New Covenant Israel and to bring to an end the Old Covenant Age and establish the New Covenant or Messianic Age.
A critical study of the various approaches to interpreting prophetic symbols and Biblical types, and the imperative for Christ's servants to follow the faith once for all delivered to the saints, i.e. the authoritative interpretation entrusted by Jesus and to His apostles and preserved in the Canon of the New Testament.
The Eschatology of the Apostle Paul is an graduate level course in Biblical studies. Its content is based on the New Testament course material as presented in the lower division courses at ATS. As a prerequisite, students in BS462 should have a good understanding of the Pauline Epistles, the Gospels and the book of Acts.

This course examines the subject of Last Things according to the New Testament sermons and epistles of the Apostle Paul. His views of the Church, The Holy Spirit, the Gospel and his apostolic ministry are all examined together with his understanding of the end of the Christian era and the final advent of Christ.

The Last Days According To Jesus and the Prophets is an in depth study of the end of the Old Covenant or Mosaic age and the dawning of the New Covenant or Messianic age as prophesied by the Prophets of the Old Testament and proclaimed by Jesus and His Apostles.

The special emphasis will be given to the prophecy given by Jesus in the Temple Courts the last week of His earthly ministry and private teaching given to His disciples on the Mount of Olives in answer their questions about the sign of His coming in power and glory and the end of the Old Covenant age.

Perhaps the most important book in the New Testament Canon, the Book of Revelation is a prophecy by Jesus to the Apostle John to encourage Christians at a time in their early history when persecution and the very real threat of martyrdom were causing their faith to waiver. The Old Covenant age was about to come to an end with the judgment of God upon Jerusalem and destruction of the temple. The New Covenant age was being inaugurated and revealed. While the message of the Book of Revelation carried strength and encouragement to the early Church, it also still speaks to us in the 21st century. Although there exists enormous controversy surrounding the interpretation of this highly symbolic book, it nevertheless has a clear message and regarding the present administration of the Kingdom of God and Christ's rule over the nations today. This course is designed to help clear up the confusion and give the student a greater understanding of the Revelation of Jesus Christ.