The course "Apostolic Architecture And Kingdom Dominion" (CIV 501) is the entry level of the Kingdom Civilization course material. CIV 501 seeks to take the learner from spiritual presumptions back to God's eternal intent regarding humankind, the earth and its fullness and the Church as both conceived and expressed by Him during the pre, mid, and post-creation periods until now. It is premised on the understanding expounded by the Lord:

"Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father's good pleasure 'to give you the kingdom' " (Luke 12:32).

At its most basic level, CIV 501 course practically unveils, conveys and imparts the architecture - and the dominion that goes with that architecture - into the life, calling and ministry sphere of the learner.

A study of the dominion mandate given by God the Father to Adam and by Jesus to His apostles and through them to His Church. What are the implications of that mandate on economics, possessing cities and nations, and filling all things with the glory of the sons and daughters of the Kingdom of heaven.